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When you buy interlocking BigBlocks™ concrete blocks from Counties Ready Mix, your’e buying concrete blocks made from 100% recycled concrete. That’s concrete that might other wise have ended up in local landfill tip sites.

Additionally it is proven that concrete re-absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere (read more here).

We’ve also created jobs both directly and indirectly through this venture.

Our approach of using recycled concrete allows us to maintain lower prices than our competition.

Counties Ready Mix are committed to having a minimal eco-footprint and these interlocking blocks are just a small part of our eco-friendly approach, we also manufacture eco-friendly concrete.

If you chose to use our BigBlocks™ concrete blocks for your project you can rest assured, you have made a wise choice!

Features of Big Blocks



The BigBlocksconcrete block interlocking system comes in three sizes; small, standard and large. These sizes allow for complete interlocking of any wall two blocks or higher. Most construction uses the standard size but small and large blocks are also available. The small and large blocks are used to interlock corners and finish end walls



BigBlocksconcrete blocks are positioned with "gravity type" scissor lifters for safety and reliability. As the concrete is recycled and has no specific strength the use of precast lifters would be dangerous (they can also be damaged during block placement making future lifting dangerous). A loan lifter can usually be provided. All our lifters are certified and tagged.



The interlocking pattern is simple with enough tolerance to allow fast installation. Blocks with overly complicated systems of interlocking can become very difficult to install costing time and money.



Many of our customers provide their own freight and place there own BigBlocks™ concrete blocks its that easy!. Most farm machinery can lift the blocks without any problem. Alternatively blocks can be positioned with a hi-ab truck. If you wish we can provide you with contact details for companies familiar with our product, who can provide freight and / or installation of the blocks.



If required a bead of silicone during installation will provide a waterproof seal preventing moisture ingress.