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Environmentally Friendly Concrete

Eco Concrete (Reducing The Carbon Footprint)

We are proud to be able to offer our customers the choice of a low carbon footprint concrete. The cement industry produces a lot of CO2 (approx.. 900kg of CO2 is produced for every 1000kg of cement). In a typical concrete mix there might be around 250kg/m3 of cement with a carbon footprint of around 225kg/m3. We are proud to have developed  an environmentally friendly concrete by replacing a portion of the cement with Fly Ash which lowers the carbon footprint of the concrete by 10-25% on a typical mix.


Fly Ash is a waste product from the coal burning power stations that might otherwise end up in landfills, when added to concrete and in the presence of portland cement the Fly Ash acts similarly to cement, hardening and gaining strength. Fly Ash has other benefits in concrete such as making the concrete more “creamy” and easier to place and lowers the water demand of the concrete and improves durability.


Eco Concrete has the same colour as normal concrete, can be used in exposed, coloured and structural concretes and costs around the same as standard concrete so give us a call to discuss environmentally friendly options for your next concrete pour.

This photo is of our Eco-Friendly concrete, this concrete achieved the 25% reduction in CO2 and exceeded the strength requirements specified by the engineer. The product performed so well the supply contract was more than doubled.

We take great pride in the initiatives we have developed to reduce our environmental footprint. These initiatives include;

Recycled Concrete

Once your concrete is produced and delivered to site any left overs or waste concrete is used to produce our Interlocking Mass Blocks. These blocks use waste or unwanted concrete that might other wise be dumped into landfill to produce a product that gives the waste concrete another life as a salable product.

These mass concrete blocks are used in the rural and commercial sector for bulk material storage, retaining walls, dividing walls, barriers and so on.

As well as recycling the waste concrete these blocks will absorb CO2 from the atmosphere over the remainder of their life, As there is no reinforcing to corrode in these blocks making them a very inert, stable product they potentially can slowly absorb CO2 over many, many decades to come. Read more about this product here.


Recycled Water

Once our trucks have delivered your concrete the mixer bowl is rinsed out in our yard. We have developed a system of taking that wash water, filtering out any fibre or other contaminants and using a combination of fresh and recycled water in all the concrete we produce. All wash water is recycled.


Modern Fuel Efficient Trucks

Your concrete will be delivered in a modern fuel efficient truck, Modern trucks use significantly less fuel. We have a policy of continuously upgrading our fleet to take advantage of the gains the motor industry is making with diesel efficient engines.


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